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Trevor Bartlett has worked for many different companies in various accounting positions since 1995, most recently working for Matagrano, Inc. for the last 16 years. Having been promoted to Financial Controller in 2006, Trevor managed a nine-person team and supervised all aspects of the accounting system. He led budgeting, financial review and strategic planning meetings with Corporate Officers, managed banking and covenant compliance, oversaw IT systems, insured regulatory compliance, licensing, vendor contracts, insurance and coordinated the workers’ compensation plan.

Having collaborated with Emily on accounting projects at Harley Farms, Trevor decided he enjoyed working closely with 

local, small business owners. 



Emily Bartlett graduated from UT Dallas in 2002 with a bachelor’s in Accounting, a master’s in Management Information Systems and an MBA with a concentration in Accounting. After four years with a CPA firm in Dallas, she moved back to Pescadero, CA and started working with Harley Farms, Inc. as the accountant and bookkeeper while looking for a “real” corporate job. After several months at the Farm, Emily decided to create her own career by providing accounting services for small business owners on the Coastside. In addition to accounting services, she also enjoys providing guidance for improvements and efficiency in small business

management for greater profitability.

Emily has worked with a variety of small business owners,

nonprofits and churches.